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While most people were looking forward to the end of 2019 or winding down for a well-deserved holiday, the team at Slack Alice were gaining momentum from a year-long journey of preparing for the launch of this new brand.

A brand that is built on passion, bravery, love, kindness, honesty and humour was celebrated with family, friends and influencers alike at The Ivy Champagne Lounge on the 5th December. A night of women supporting women as well as men supporting these strong, brave and powerful women, it was a safe place of great conversation, music, food, laughter and of course GIN! A big thank you to Jin Gin for their sponsorship. (@JinGinZA)

Not only did we celebrate the launch of Slack Alice with so many amazing people but we had the opportunity to share our story and journey with like-minded visionaries and because they were inspired by what they heard, we feel equally compelled to share the night with you. Have that coffee ready... or wine! Just sit back, relax and enjoy.

As you will see, Slack Alice is multifaceted, starting with our clothing brand. Inspired by women telling their stories, every time you wear Slack Alice merchandise you are wearing a story, whether it be yours or someone else’s, it is a story of strength, bravery and perseverance. This leads me to our next passion project, Hope City Giants, our (NPO) Non-profit Organization. A percentage of the profits from your purchase will be donated to this organization so that we can uplift, expose and sustain the empowerment of young girls and women, in all facets of life. We also welcome you to make personal donations to our NPO on our website as well as share your own story of what your passion project is.

Our first passion project will be partnering with a girls football team in the township of Alexandra in Johannesburg. My love and passion is football and after coaching the Alexandra United Men’s Football Team, I feel immensely drawn to a township that supported me through some very challenging times as the Head Coach. I spent many years visiting Alex, as it is fondly named and I truly believe in the spirit and courage of the girls and women who inhabit this historic township. I invite you to journey with me and ignite the fire that lives within us all.

We are not stopping there! As Slack Alice continues to break down barriers, "Pretty Strong” roundtable talks and podcasts will cover stories from deep conversations to light-hearted humour. At Slack Alice, we believe that every woman deserves a BIG platform to tell their stories and boy (no pun intended) are we ready to hear them! We will be chatting with inspiring women and men who have been inspired by women, as our brand is all-inclusive.

We would love for you to support our brand by following us on Instagram (@slack_aliceza), Facebook (@slackaliceza) and subscribe to our website (www.slackalice.co.za) where you will receive all the latest news on Slack Alice, Hope City Giants and Pretty Strong. Be the first to engage with us, tell us your story and hear about our giveaways and competitions. Who knows? You could be our next guest on Pretty Strong or win some Slack Alice merchandise!

In keeping with the theme of gratitude, Slack Alice would like to thank Reviled for partnering with us and believing in the brand.
Also showing appreciation to all of our special guests who came out in the cold and rain to show us love and support ♥️♥️♥️
@georgie_ebersey , @charliefarlie5, @coach_rulani, @nicolaou_nick, @mokgadi_g_letsoala, @cassidy-Clark, @sacredleigh, @amygo1 and @descap.

Trust your journey
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