Meet Slack Alice

Hello from Slack Alice, a safe platform for women to express themselves and share experiences. I started this platform to empower all women through a supportive community where our voices are heard and our stories are shared, in order to take what is negative in our lives and find the positive in it all! Slack Alice is here to let you know that as long as you have a heartbeat there is hope. You can do anything!

I am passionate about women encouraging each other to embrace ourselves and to realise that what we think is our flaw, is actually our power.

Slack Alice is also a clothing brand! When you wear the brand, you are wearing a story. It may be your story… it may be someone else’s, as we all have a story to tell, but we are united through the brand and are also dedicating a portion of all sales to a women’s cause close to our hearts! Watch this space…

We are more than what we wear, though. Our promise is that Slack Alice will strive to make you feel valued and believe in the power of your dreams.

At Slack Alice, we believe in celebrating victories together and in the magic of life. We strive to encourage you to know that through everything you should…

Trust YOUR Journey!

Much Love,


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