Romy Titus Speaks with Our Founder on Radio2000

Tracy Pepper joined Romy Titus in studio at Radio 2000, for her show The Touch Line, to share her powerful story of transition from Head Coach of Alexandra United to this brand new venture/ adventure you now know as Slack Alice.

Listen as she shares her heart on changing the narrative around women in sport. "We can literally change the narrative of our lives, at any point", says Tracy

"we don’t have to be stuck in something that no longer serves us because of our history in it. Tracy Pepper hasn’t stopped being a coach because I stopped coaching a football team. You can reinvent yourself at 55, the way I am. This is what I want to convey to people through Slack Alice", just as she did and continues to do through the brand.

Listen to the #heartofpepper as she shares more on her story here:

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