About Slack Alice

Slack Alice is a proudly South African women’s Clothing Brand that supports the empowerment and upliftment of women through their stories.

Slack Alice is a fresh take on rock-star, everyday simple wear. When you wear Slack Alice merchandise, you are telling your story as a woman or in support of women, giving you the pride of knowing that you have contributed to the empowerment of others.

Wearing the Brand Wearing the Story

Following in this spirit, Slack Alice supports an NPO (Hope City Giants). Our aim is to raise funds to support girls and women in the development of their careers, from the donations collected through this platform as well as from a portion of the funds gained from the sales of our clothing line. We believe it to be an excellent opportunity for all who have benefited from this platform to pay it forward to others.

Our Founder

Meet Tracy Pepper

Football Coach, Life Coach and a passion for seeing women succeed.

Having experienced life’s many failures and disappointments, I found my passion to help people live with purpose and on purpose. Through this, I have learnt to celebrate the successes and victories in my life and in the lives of others as well.

Through years of being a Football Coach, I watched many athletes unlock their potential and walk into a life of greatness. It has always been about approaching people holistically, breaking through the physical and emotional barriers.

Coaching men has built character and strength in me that I did not know existed. It has forced me to face my challenges but at the same time celebrate my strengths.

The reason I founded Slack Alice is very simple, everyone has a story to share. Slack Alice is a platform to empower all women through a supportive community where our voices are heard and our stories are shared, in order to take what is negative in our lives and find the positive in it all!

I am passionate about women encouraging each other to embrace ourselves and to realise that what we think is our flaw, is actually our power

Our promise is that Slack Alice will strive to make you feel valued and believe in the power of your dreams.

At Slack Alice, we believe in celebrating victories together and in the magic of life. We strive to encourage you to know that through everything you should, Trust YOUR Journey!

Trust Your Journey!

Much Love,